Mamavation Monday – Holiday Weight is here

Published December 17, 2012 by inmotionmom

Well…it’s been a horrible two weeks but I think everything is finally coming to a close.  We went on a mini vacation which wasn’t bad but I didn’t do well on my diet because I don’t like to limit myself on vacation and it had been SO long without my kids that I had a lot more alcohol than normal and when I do that I find myself packing on the pounds.  This last week I ate SO bad due to working a lot of hours in the beginning of the week because my son had his surgery on Thursday morning and I didn’t plan well so I would have healthy food all week.  I am a firm believer in the saying, “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail”.  So it is now Sunday night and today i took the time to go to the grocery store to ensure we have good healthy food in the house…I have all my clothes for the week ironed.  The only thing I didn’t do is get supplies ready for the 2nd grade Christmas party I am helping with.

So…I have gained about 6 pounds in the last month.  I also took a little hiatus from the scale which is really a bad thing for me because I don’t see myself creeping up so when I step on it there is a huge shock.  I also had in the back of my mind it didn’t matter what I ate because my gym is having a contest after the New Year on losing weight and I plan to join so eating whatever I wanted didn’t seem SO bad but I now know that I pay for it because I feel awful!  So this week even though it is the week before Christmas I am going to eat as well as I can and try and get in exercise at least 3 days.  I am determined to do this!  I hope you all have an amazing week filled with Christmas Spirit!

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Mamvation Monday…Little Vacay

Published December 13, 2012 by inmotionmom

So I am WAY behind on my posts!  Life has been going by too fast and I am trying to catch up.  Over the weekend my husband and I took a much needed little get away!  With three kids now it has been forever since we have just been off on our own by ourselves for a little vacation.  We didn’t go anywhere exciting but it was fun to have time without kids for just a bit.  We stayed at a hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  I need to add this is a haunted hotel…I am not a fan of the paranormal so I was not happy to stay here but the nights were purchased by one of our friends so I did it.  So needless to say there was not a lot of working out or dieting over this little mini vacation.  This week is going to be crazy!  I am only working 2 days this week due to our son having his circumcision done tomorrow.  I am really nervous about this.  My other two had it when they were still in the hospital but because of his low blood sugar in the hospital he could not have it done and now it is a bigger procedure and i am really nervous.  Hope you all have a great rest of the week!  My goal this week is just to make it through in one piece!  


The Crescent Hotel  


Mamavation Monday – Thanksgiving

Published November 25, 2012 by inmotionmom

Well…Thanksgiving has come and gone and I can successfully say I did not gain a pound which was my goal!  There were a lot of temptations.  I didn’t work out a whole lot because I was still so sore from my half marathon but I did do one Cross-fit workout.  My husband has been doing this for about 6 months now and they had a free family and friends workout on Friday so I decided to go with him.  They have a station set up for kids so I didn’t mind working out while my kids were there playing with the other kids and the baby was SO happy the entire time just watching the other kids play.  For Thanksgiving Day I tried a few Paleo recipes I found on-line.  A few were good and a few not so good.  My deviled eggs made with Paleo mayo were pretty good, the pumpkin pie was good and the bacon wrapped mushrooms were amazing….the dressing I made which was beef based was not as good.  I think I didn’t put enough spice in it…it was pretty bland but the one thing I am proud of is I tried.  I at least made a conscious effort to stick to our new Paleo lifestyle.  So this week I have set a goal for myself to do 3 days of weight lifting and 3 days of cardio from Sunday through Friday.    I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Below is a pic of my Paleo pumpkin pie….if you didn’t eat a sweet dessert right before then it was pretty good.

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Mamavation Monday – Post Baby Half Marathon!

Published November 20, 2012 by inmotionmom

8 months ago I sat on the side walk cheering my husband and sister on as they ran their first half marathon.  Deep down inside I was jealous and wishing I was the one running.  That day I made myself a promise…6 months after my baby was born I was going to run my own half marathon.  The last one I did was in 2009 and I hadn’t had enough guts to do another one since.  Mostly because training takes me away from my boys and being a working mom you feel guilty spending anymore time away from them than you have to.  So I signed up for the William’s Route 66 half marathon.  Training became hard towards the end trying to find the time to fit in my long runs and when all three boys came down with RSV 3 weeks ago training stopped.  I was too tired to get up and run in the morning after being up with the baby all night.  So for the 3 weeks before the race there was no running at all.  I decided I was still going to do it and I am happy to say that yesterday I completed that goal!  It wasn’t easy but I am really glad I pushed myself and got my medal!  




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Mamavation Monday (Tuesday) – Paleo

Published November 14, 2012 by inmotionmom

So last Friday I had two children at the doctor with RSV which means all three have come up with RSV….fun times in the Bailey house!!!!  Which is the reason I am a little late and I missed Mamavation TV last night.  😦  I am SO tired of having to take them to the doctor and them being sick and me not having enough energy to keep up with working full-time and taking care of children so I made a decision!  I want all of us to be healthy and that starts with what we put in our body.  So this family is now a Paleo family while we are at home for sure.  I don’t want my children to not feel normal when they go out.  I will choose to still pursue the lifestyle just because I am convinced that this will give me more energy and make me feel better.  I am not trying to really lose weight right now since I can’t seem to find time to work out.  I am just trying to not eat processed food.  I found the most amazing book called Everyday Paleo.  The author had three children and also worked full-time and if she can do it I can do it.  She breaks down a 30 day meal plan complete with grocery lists and makes it so easy.  We are on day 2 and I can already tell a difference!  I already have more energy than I used to have and I am very surprised that my kids really like the food.  Tonight was steak skewers and they were SO good that both older boys were asking for seconds.  So while I didn’t lose any weight last week I made a conscious decision to get my family healthy!  If you have any Paleo friendly recipes send them my way!  Hope you all have a great week!

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Mamavation Monday – Sick babies = No exercise for mama

Published November 4, 2012 by inmotionmom

So my goal this last week was to get at least two runs in before my long run but it seems like the week flew by.  Our 5 month old baby tested positive for RSV on Monday so that meant two days home from work with him and no sleeping at night so instead of getting up and working out in the morning like I had planned i was using every available minute in bed to catch up on sleep.  Friday night we left the house and took the two older boys camping while the baby stayed with my parents and I was in such a rush I forgot to grab my running shoes but had all my other running clothes.  Being that we were out by the lake I also didn’t get to do day 5 & 6 of the workout.  I am going to try to make those up this week.  I am hoping this a much better week for us although I am afraid the baby was probably held too much this weekend and will be a little spoiled.  So this weeks fitness goal is to do all workouts from the Bob Harper website and get my training runs in for my half marathon.  Hope you all have a great week!!!

Here is a pic of my boys and me camping this weekend!











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Mamvation Monday – Frustrated and ready for change

Published October 30, 2012 by inmotionmom

It’s been a long time since my last post and while I have lost weight since I quit breastfeeding I have hit a wall probably due to the fact that I can’t seem to find time to work out.  How do other busy working moms do it.  I now have 3 boys and I can’t seem to find any time to work out.  I want to get up early at 4:30 and do it but it seems the baby hasn’t been sleeping well so I need that extra hour in the morning to catch up on sleep.  I also can’t seem to sneak away at lunch to do it and at night I feel incredibly guilty going to the gym and being away from my children and husband who I haven’t seen since 6:30 in the morning.  I need to find a good schedule and workout that works for me.  That is my goal this week.  I am signed up to run the Route 66 half marathon in November and I am so far behind in my training but if I can get 2 runs in before my long run on Saturday I will feel much better.  That is my goal this week!  If anyone has any tips or tricks for busy moms to get workouts in I am open to ANY suggestions!  Hope you all have a great week!

Goals this week:

1. Get 2 runs in before my long run on Saturday

2. Stay away from the Halloween candy as much as possible!  (this one will be tough)